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silver bullion

For thousands of years silver has been a universal store of value and a unit of commerce. Ever since the time of the early Greeks, silver was recognized for it’s rarity and beauty. Throughout the millennia, silver has been used to mint coins and bars for use in trade, as well as a means to store value.

This is still quite true today! Silver bullion, meaning silver traded solely for it’s intrinsic metal value, is an extremely popular commodity with everyone from large investment banks down to the average man on the street.  Some firms and individuals prefer to trade in silver on “paper” by purchasing silver mining stocks or ETF’s. Trading in silver by these means, the buyer does not take physical possession of the silver. Instead they have a “paper” confirmation that they own the silver, but it is being held elsewhere.

At La Jolla Coin Shop we deal in PHYSICAL silver. Meaning when you purchase silver bullion from us, you actually get to take possession of the actual silver, whether it be bars, coins, etc…

Some of the most popular silver products with our clients are the mainstream 1 ounce .999 pure coins and rounds. Coins are minted by a central government of a country and carry a face value. Rounds are 1oz circular medallions minted by private mints and do not have a face value. Both the coins and the rounds each contain exactly 1 ounce of .999 pure silver. The United States Silver Eagle, and Canadian Silver Maple Leafs coins are the most popular.

In larger units of silver, we recommend 10 ounce .999 pure bars and 100 ounce .999 pure bars. These products carry the smallest premium (additional amount above the spot silver price), and are easy to store.

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