Peace Silver Dollars

peace dollar


In 1921 the United States Mint began minting what became to be known as the Peace Silver Dollars. Both the the Morgan design and Peace Silver Dollar design were minted in the year 1921. 

In August 1920 at the Chicago American Numismatic Association (ANA) convention, the minting of the Peace Silver Dollar was originally suggested by ANA historian Farren Zerbe who presented a paper, “Commemorate the Peace with a Coin for Circulation.” Farren Zerbe proposed a coin which would commemorate the end of World War I and the new peace treaty signed between Germany and the United States of America.

At this time, the US was also minting Morgan silver dollar coins. The “Peace” Dollar design was designed by famed medalist Anthony de Francisci. His monogram is located in the field of the coin on the obverse, under Lady Liberty’s neck.

In 1921, the Peace Silver Dollar coins were minted in Philadelphia and were produced every year until 1928, taking a break until 1934, when they were minted for just two more years (1934 & 1935) . After 1935, these coins made a brief comeback in 1965 where approximately 316,000 were minted in Denver Colorado. Unfortunately due to American politics of that time and shortage of silver, this new production of coins ceased and were ordered to be melted. According to some rumors amongst collectors, a few may have survived. Counterfeit examples of this storied coin are somewhat common.

United States Peace Silver Dollars are a very popular series of coins to collect among coin collectors! Many of the dates were produced in large numbers, which makes nice specimens fairly readily available and affordable. The key dates (rarest and most expensive) are the one year only type 1921 High Relief, the 1928-P, and the 1934-S. 

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