Gold Bullion Coins & Bars

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Gold Bullion Coins & Bars

La Jolla Coin Shop and San Diego Coin & Bullion both buy and sell the mainstream, popular Gold Bullion Coins & Bars. It is important when either buying or selling for one to be educated. Hopefully this post will do exactly that, as we cover the basics of trading in physical gold bullion

Both of our locations purchase nearly all types of gold coins and bars. The process of selling your gold is easy and hassle free. Simply pick the day that you want to sell and come on in to one of our locations, no appointment necessary. Our buy prices are extremely competitive and we can provide you with a no pressure offer in just a few minutes. All disbursements over $1000.00 are issued by company check, and a valid State issue I.D. or passport are required. You can track the daily price of gold on either of our websites (links below). Contact us with any questions about selling you gold coins or bars.

If you are looking to add some physical gold bullion to you asset portfolio, La Jolla Coin and San Diego Coin offer the four mainstream 1oz Gold Bullion products that are most popular today. These are:

1. The United States Gold American Eagle Coin

2. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin

3. The South African Gold Krugerrand Coin

4. The Swiss PAMP Gold Bar

These four 1 ounce gold bullion products represent the vast majority of gold traded at the retail level. All are extremely liquid and recognized world wide. These products are traded within a very small buy/sell spread, and the premiums (the amount the cost per ounce over the “Spot” gold price) vary slightly between them.

Gold bullion sales are conducted on an order basis, and all sales over $1000.00 must be by Personal Check. First time purchasers must also provide valid photo I.D. Again, please feel free to contact either shop with any questions about purchasing gold bullion.  or

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