Alexander the Great Tetradrachm


The Alexander the Great Tetradrachm is one of the most popular and highly collected Ancient Greek Coins! This large Silver Hellenistic coin is masterfully designed and can be found in a variety of conditions and price ranges. San Diego Coin and La Jolla Coin Shop do our best to keep a number of these coins in our inventory.

Building upon his father’s success in Greece, Alexander III (Alexander the Great, reigned 336-323 BC) set about the conquest of the Achaemenid Persian Empire. By the time of his death at the age of 31, he ruled most of the known world from Greece to Afghanistan. Initially Alexander continued to mint Philip’s gold and silver coins. Soon, however, the need for a silver coinage that could be widely used in Greece caused him to begin a new coinage on the Athenian weight-standard. His new silver coins, with the head of Herakles on the obverse and a seated figure of Zeus seated holding bird on the reverse, also became one of the staple coinages of the Greek world.

Alexander III (“The Great”), son of Philip of Macedon was one of histories most successful generals and conquerors! When Alexander conquered territories, he looted the conquered kingdom’s precious metals, gold and silver (i.e., plunder).  He, and his successors, minted coins in his name with that plunder.  These coins were often minted/struck using the plunder (silver) taken by Alexander the Great and his generals.

The Greek Tetradrachm was the second largest denomination/size coin used during Alexander’s time. They weigh slightly over 17.0 grams and are approximately 26mm in diameter. There are three classes of Alexander the Great Tetradrachm; Lifetime issues, early posthumous issues and late posthumous issues. The lifetime issues tend to be the more desirable, and therefore also the more valuable. 

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