2015 Silver Kookaburra Coins are here!


The 2015 1oz Silver Kookaburra Coins are here! These gorgeous one ounce .999 fine silver coins are freshly minted and just arrived from Australia!! They feature a new design, as the Perth Mint in Australia changes the design each year. This year’s design (which is the same as 1990, more on that below) features on the obverse a single Kookaburra bird perched on a tree stump facing right. FYI- the Kookaburra is NOT Australia’s National Bird, that would be the Emu (which is rather unsightly and most likely not coin worthy!). The reverse of the coin, as always, features the profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, crowned and facing to the right.

The 2015 Silver 1oz Kookaburra is stuck in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition, although certain areas of the coin exhibit mirror-like proof reflectivity. The are sealed in the original plastic capsule they were placed in after minting at the Perth Mint. Beautiful coin!

2015 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Kookaburra series of coins. To commemorate this milestone, the Perth Mint decided to use the exact same obverse design as the first year 1990. The only difference is the hyphenated date on the front “1990-2015”.

The Silver Kookaburra coins are Legal Tender One Dollar (Australian), clearly marked on the reverse. Therefore the qualify as “Monetized Bullion”, meaning the were struck under the authority of a recognized government and carry a face value. Of course with a price of approximately $25.00, one would be foolish to head “down under” and use one of these to make a purchase!

Contact us at either La Jolla Coin or San Diego Coin if you would like more information, or better yet, stop by either shop and pick up a few of these Silver Kookaburra coins before they are gone. Stock is limited, and availability subject to prior sale.

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