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La Jolla Coin Shop
Established in 1964, is San Diego’s
premiere destination for rare coins,
currency and precious metals! We are
specialists in the buying and selling of
all Rare Coins, Currency and Precious
Metals, such as Gold and Silver.

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Ancient Coins
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Ancient Coins are a piece of history. In an ages past coins were more than a way to store wealth. They were a part of that culture. We buy and sell Ancient Coins. Have your collection appraised by experts.
Precious Metals
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The La Jolla Coin Shop provides information and opinions about Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion. Buy Gold and Silver bullion bars and gold coins in La Jolla, from a leading San Diego precious metals dealer.
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Authorized commemorative coins honor America. Precious metal, commemorative coins are ideal for collectors. La Jolla Coin Shop buys and sells commemorative coins and would be happy to talk to you about your needs.
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Old paper money, rare currency, and financial collectibles. La Jolla Coin Shop is always interested in these historical documents that are much more than paper. If you share this passion stop by and lets talk.
U.S. Coins
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La Jolla Coin Shop buys and sells collectible U.S. coins of all types. We offer decades of experince in Numismatics and can professionally evaluate collections of any size. If you love old coins the way we do stop by the Coin Shop.
World Coins
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La Jolla Coin Shop specializes in locating rare coins from around the world. If your interest in Numismatic runs across the globe we are your the Coin Shop with the knowledge and experience to help you find what your looking for.
We Are Buying Coins & Bullion !
La Jolla Coin Shop is Buying Coins, Currency & Bullion!
La Jolla Coin Shop is also an enthusiastic BUYER of rare coins, currency and precious metals! Platinum! Gold! Silver! No collection is too big or too small. We warmly invite you to bring in your items for our professional evaluation and offer.
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La Jolla Coin Shop is a full service Rare Coin, Currency, and Precious Metals dealer. Established in the heart of La Jolla in 1964, La Jolla Coin Shop has been buying and selling Gold, Silver, Coins, and Currency for over 50 years!! We are specialists in Numismatics, which is the study of coins, currency, and related objects.

We deal with the whole spectrum of collectible coins and paper money, as well as precious metals, such as Gold and Silver. La Jolla Coin Shop is a dealer of Ancient Roman and Greek Coins. Coins such as Drachms, Didrachms, Tetradrachms, and Staters. We offer coins that have been authenticated and certified by NGC (Numismatic Guarantee Corporation). Coins from the various city states of Ancient Greece and a wide variety of coins from the Roman Republic and the vast Roman Empire. La Jolla Coin Shop also Buys Ancient Coins !

The United States has produced a wide variety of coins over its relatively short history. Some coins that many people are completely unaware of, and others that are extremely popular! The U.S. has minted and distributed coins over the years made of Copper, Nickel, Silver & Gold, in a variety of denominations.

Morgan Silver Dollars are one of the most highly collected United States Coins. Minted from 1878 to 1904, this series of coins offers the coin collector a very wide array of mint marks, die varieties and price ranges. This series also contains a number of Rare Key Date coins that challenge the collector to obtain. Silver Dollars are very popular among both American collectors and collectors around the world!

United States Gold Coins have also been very popular with coin collectors. The most popular denominations being $2.50, $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00 Gold Pieces. The $20 Gold Saint Gaudens Coin is considered by many to be the most beautiful coins ever minted!! La Jolla Coin Shop is a strong Buyer of Gold Coins !

Collecting Rare & Collectible Currency or Paper Money is a fun and challenging endeavor! We deal in both U.S. and World collectible currency. La Jolla coin shop both Buys and Sells Rare Paper Money. Call, email, or better yet, stop by our shop for more information.

For centuries Gold and Silver have been a solid store of value for cultures around the globe. That is still very true today!! La Jolla Coin Shop is one of Southern California’s leading Precious Metals dealers. We are market makers in Gold Coins, Gold Bars, Silver Coins and Silver Bars. We also deal in Platinum and Palladium Coins as well.

La Jolla Coin Shop Accredited and Authorized Associations. We have an A+ rating with the BBB!
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